25 7 / 2012

Most health food grocers have a variety of “supergreens” powders in various brands and flavors that promise to give you a boost of vitamins via tons of healthy greens, grasses, and sea grasses. 

My favorite of all these supergreens is the Chocolate Amazing Grass mix. If you don’t have time or ingredients, just add some almond milk to the powder and shake! It tastes good, maybe a little grassy. If you have a bit more time, blend it with almond milk and a banana; you’ll have the healthiest smoothie of your life.

I notice an almost immediate boost in energy, and that “god-like” feeling that lots of greens can inspire. Also, yesterday I was feeling a bit icky, like I was about to get sick. One scoop of this Amazing Grass though, and today I am 100% fine.

Here are the cons: if you drink it regularly, the god-like glow diminishes and… it is pretty expensive. It’s $28 at Whole Foods for an approximately 30 day supply. A bit steep. I prefer to get the on-the-go packs for $1.50 any time I feel like I need a kick of immunity or energy.

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